Classic Race Yacht – Pit Stops at the Digital Dry Dock

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Location Lymington, UK
Date June 2021
Activity/ Tech used etc… (bullet points) 3D Laser scanning of 20 meter classic racing yacht for North Sails UK.

Laser scan survey conducted in line with ORC Hull Scanning standard…

Scanned deck and interior to define mast bury and chainplate/rig geometry.

Survey complete in 1 day with minimal disruption to other refit works underway at the time.

Point cloud cleaned and used to generate accurate mesh model of the hull.

CAD Surfaces model produced from mesh model.

Digital Dry Dock’s Orca3D naval architecture software used to establish hydrostatic and  stability data.

Hull symmetry analysis provided.

Outcome/ end benefits to client The vessels original drawings could not be found.

Provided accurate displacement.

Provided accurate CAD surface models of the hull and appendages.

North Sails Design Services Consultancy used the models in their Hydro CFD software to conduct a Performance Prediction Study.

The study was used to determine a new rig plan/sail plan and ballast configuration.

Data processing delivered within 1 week after the survey was conducted.

All data stored securely ready to assist in future refits and modifications.