Cutting down time in dry dock with intelligent digital services

We combine naval architecture with 3D laser scanning, significantly reducing project costs and schedules by minimising the time vessels spend in dry dock.

Our Services

We travel worldwide in order to collect data on behalf of our clients. We use advanced software and data processing methods to depict this complex data in a way that can be understood by all stakeholders.

Access to this dimensional data at an early stage in a project can be a great advantage, providing efficiency gains throughout the build, refit and the life of the vessel.

The Tech

As Naval Architects and Yacht Captains, we know and understand the problems faced by ship builders, owners and operators.

We use cutting-edge tech including 3D laser scanners, underwater remotely operated vehicles and robots to provide new ways of solving traditional problems much faster, and with significant cost reductions.

Meet The Team

The Digital Dry Dock team are Benjamin Barton and Oliver Graffy.

Both are qualified Naval Architects and Yacht Captains who take great pleasure in helping clients become more efficient, with the ability to build better boats.