Our Services

Manage your asset or object intelligently by having every detail to hand, wherever it is in the world. Plan refits, get accurate quotations and estimations for work. Save time, save money.


We can accurately depict the geometry of complex objects. This allows comparison between ‘as-designed’ and ‘as-built’


We use naval architecture and advanced measurement technology to document insurance damage or help resolve a warranty issue.


We can create a detailed 3D Hull measurement using a 3d laser scanner, then produce draughting lines plans in 2D or 3D.

A complete scanning and draughting solution

Imagine that your vessel is on charter in the Carribean while a European shipyard uses its digital twin to plan the next refit, or that you could start designing and building modifications to a ship before it arrives at your facility.

With our cutting-edge techniques and technology, combined with our extensive industry experience, this is the reality for our clients.

We can survey without disrupting ongoing work, carry out accurate surveys of vessels under scaffold or plastic, and deliver data to remote stakeholders, thoroughly and quickly.

Get the Digital Dry Dock team on your project and start reducing timescales and spend.


Accurately depicting the geometry of complex objects by the creation of a ‘digital twin’, allowing comparison between ‘as-designed’ and ‘as-built’.

Suitable for reverse engineering complex components, CNC/CAM drawings. Results can be delivered in mulitple formats.

Can be used to assist yacht paint contractors estimating quantities, plus mapping of work areas and amounts (especially useful for filler application).

Expert Witness

Our naval architecture and advanced measurement technology can document insurance damage, or help resolve a warranty issue. 

Fast worldwide response with a tailored tool box to accurately measure, depict and quantify damage or resolve legal disputes.

Findings can be shown in a concise report or as a set of 2D or 3D drawings and images.

Hull Lines and Stability Expert

Detailed 3D hull measurement with a 3d laser scanner.

Draughting of a lines plan in 2D or 3D.

Translation of data into a format suitable for a computer-generated stability model.

Pit Stop

Get detailed analysis of performance yacht hull, appendages, performance surfaces and rigs.

Owners and crew can gain a unique insight to the characteristics of their race yacht. We have practical and theoretical experience.

Useful for those wishing to compare yachts within a class or suggest performance enhancing modifications. For example, we can check rig symmetry, find the source of weather helm, provide a beautiful half model, or help to optimise a rating certificate.

CAD Wizard

Well-priced backroom support for draughting services .

We offer a full range of CAD formats with fast turnaround.

Our experience means we can turn complex point cloud information into usable and organised drawings. Options include 2D draughting and templating, 3D modelling and reverse engineering. 

Interior Fit-out

We provide an interior refit drafting package.

This involves scanning a vessel’s bare interior spaces and producing accurate 3D CAD models or 2D CAD drawings.

The results allow you to maximise the ‘net space’ of the interior.

We achieve this by planing cable tray, pipe and services routing beforehand to minimise the space that they take up.

Classic Boats

We take great pride in helping classic boat enthusiasts restore and care for these important vessels, which form part of our nautical heritage.

We will gladly venture to remote corners of the coastline to scan derelict wooden vessels to produce a set of lines plans that can assist in a restoration project or with the build of a replica.

Marine Facility Structures

We can scan docks, quays, shipyards, sills and tide gates.

If your marine facility needs maintenance or modification then we can help streamline the process.

Component Machining & Reverse Engineering

Using our state of the art laser scanning technology, we are able to scan complex parts, create precise 3D CAD models and work with our trusted CNC machinist subcontractors to create fit for purpose components in short notice.  This process is also available to create components which are no longer manufactured.