Our Tech

We use the latest tech to provide ground-breaking ways of solving traditional problems much faster, and with significant cost reductions.

3D Laser Scanning

A vertically or horizontally mounted portable electronic instrument with a range of features. Each scan will accurately map what is within its field of view using laser distance measurement.

Total Station Theodolite (TST)

Electronic distance measurement (EDM). Measures both vertical and horizontal angles and the slope distance from the instrument to a particular point,

Remote Vehicles

Hull condition surveys conducted while the vessel is afloat using ROV’s and underwater robots (a legal requirement for commercial vessels conducted twice in a 5 year period).

Cutting Edge Tech for Your Project

You’ll find the latest technology alongside other traditional surveying instruments in our toolkit, to improve the efficiency of dimensional surveying in the marine sector. Our equipment is fit for task, fully calibrated and professionally maintained so we can deliver a swift, accurate response.

We also use compact equipment that can be transported as our personal luggage when travelling by air, giving us global reach and short lead times.

3D Laser Scanning

The speed of data collection with 3D Laser Scanning, the amount of data and the accuracy of such cannot be compared to manual methods.

It is dependable, repeatable and highly accurate. View a live Point Cloud 3D data set and learn more about these instruments, their output and accuracy by clicking below.

Total Station Theodolite

A TST often referred to as a Total Station can be used to measure a series of single point distances to greater accuracy and at longer ranges than a 3d laser scanner.

Combining both data sets allows us to increase the total accuracy of our final deliverables. This method is of particular use on larger objects or where overlap is not possible between laser scan positions.

Find out more about the instrument and output by clicking the link below.


We are constantly reviewing the latest ROVs to hit the market.

Of particular interest are the compact units that are becoming available enabling us to deploy quickly anywhere in the world.