Heather Island Preservation Group

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Location – Truro (Malpas), UK

Tech used – 3D Laser Scanner

Date – Nov 2020

Project – Malpas (Heather Island) Quay Restoration Survey

The purpose of this survey was to document and measure the remains of the derelict quay off Heather Island in Malpas. The owners of this quay, Heather Island Preservation Group, are looking into the viability of a complete restoration of the quay.

This project gave the building contractors all the required information to facilitate an accurate quotation and estimate for the works.

Testimonial –

“Embarking upon an ambitious project to restore an ancient Cornish Quay, I  contacted Oliver at Digital Dry Dock for help and advice. He freely gave both in a helpful manner, suggesting the first step to determine feasibility would be to  undertake a Laser Scan Survey. Upon my consent he swiftly organised  this, arriving two days later with the complex equipment needed for the task.  The area in question is difficult to access and subject to tidal and tricky geographical considerations requiring Oliver to work under difficult underfoot conditions on uncertain rocky terrain. This did not faze him in the slightest and he carried out the work with diligence and precision in a calm, measured way which put me at ease. The end result was quickly delivered to me comprising the full Laser Scan Survey, a comprehensive written report and much useful and practical advice on how best to further proceed.

I simply cannot recommend Digital Dry Dock highly enough for their experienced, knowledgeable and professional approach and diligent execution of a difficult task. I would say the cost was most reasonable given the high levels of service, skill and advice tendered. I recommend Digital Dry Dock wholeheartedly and unreservedly.”

John Henwood – Heather Island Preservation Group Ltd.